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iBooks is so popular! OMG

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iPad users are downloading the free app iBooks more than even Twitter or the Facebook app! Wow!

Nevermind that when you first connect your iPad to the app store, one of the first things it asks you is, "Would you like to download your free copy of iBooks now?" This is a type of promotion that Facebook and Twitter, and no other app has access to. One that reaches all users who connect to the app store, and which portrays iBooks as a free perk of the device itself.

But that's a bit of nitpicking! I mean, if we expected stories about Apple products and software to have more specific numbers and context, then we'd probably have way fewer stories worth reporting!

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Joey Comeau

Joey Comeau is the author of Overqualified and Lockpick Pornography. With photographer Emily Horne, he creates the comic A Softer World. One Bloody Thing After Another is his latest book.

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