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(william gibson + buzz rickson) > (douglas coupland x roots)

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(william gibson + buzz rickson) > (douglas coupland x roots)

William Gibson's novel Pattern Recognition's main character, Cayce Pollard is essentially a cool-hunter, and in the book cuts the tags and labels out of all her own clothes.

One of the pieces of clothing talked about in the book a lot is a black Buzz Rickson flight jacket. (Gibson + Rickson) brought out a version of that jacket, together with a line of actually pretty cool plain black designs. There's a restraint and aesthetic simplicity to these that is really appealing.

Douglas Coupland's design partnership with Roots (coupland x roots) on the other hand is garish and embarrassing. It gives me the exact same impression I get from actors who decide they're also musicians. Being famous gets them the attention they need to sell records. Douglas Coupland's visual art is the Return of Bruno.

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