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As many of us know, a bill to “modernize” the Copyright Act, is being considered in the House of Commons. It will affect our rights as creators of original work and needs to be looked at carefully. At present, groups like the Writers’ Union of Canada are concerned that the bill as it stands will jeopardize those rights by legalizing or eroding protection from unfair copying practices.

What can you do? First, educate yourself if you feel you don’t know as much as you should. (I didn’t.) Here’s a link outlining the perceived flaws in the bill as it currently reads: http://www.copyrightgetitright....

What else can you do? Among other things, you can write to your MP or local newspaper and voice your concerns. You can also sign this on-line petition to help defend Canadian culture and heritage: http://www.copyrightgetitright....

Become an advocate for your creative rights. Few of us are compensated well, if at all, for our creative work. This bill will make it easier to get around fair pay for fair play, and that won’t help keep art flourishing.

Without wanting to sound platitudinous, I think creating is a commitment on behalf of every artist to make the world a better place for us all. As artists, we are here to give, not to be stolen from. Let’s stand up for ourselves and demand what we deserve instead of waiting to be told what we’re allowed to have.

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Jeffrey Round

Jeffrey Round is an award-winning writer and director. His most recent novel is The Honey Locust.

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