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I recently learned that my poem, The One In The Mirror, is being featured on the website Q Review. I’d be grateful if you would give them some traffic. (See the link below.)

The poem was written in the early days of an affair with someone who broke my heart more thoroughly than I thought possible. So thoroughly, in fact, that afterward I refused to say his name, referring to him only as The Love Whose Name I Do Not Speak.

Not long ago, I spoke his name aloud for the first time in almost twenty years. (I’ve finally learned forgiveness. Try it sometime, if you haven’t.) That same week, I also learned, he died.

A friend of mine, a wag with a rather penetrating tongue, on hearing the tale, said to me, “You should have spoken his name sooner.” Ouch.

Love is a little like looking in a mirror, which makes this piece even more appropriate. Here is the poem he never saw:

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I love the poem. What feelings must you revisit every time you read it.

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