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A good writing day!

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Yesterday was a good writing day! What did that mean? Well, for me it meant first that I had uninterrupted time in which to write – few telephone calls, and even fewer emails that can occupy the bulk of a day before you even know it. But it also meant that yesterday, I produced words – beautiful, coherent, lucid words, and lots of them!

My friend and writer, Eric Walters, says that he writes no less than 5000 words each and every day, no matter what. That’s not me. If I can produce a good 1000-1500 words in a day, I’m thrilled.

Yesterday was one of those days. Here’s to many more of them!


Do you sometimes just ignore the phone and keep your email server off, in order to have a good writing day?

It's so hard for me not to answer the phone when I hear it - and not to respond to emails when I know they are coming in. I wish I could ignore those things, but I just can't. Or perhaps they are welcome breaks in those times when the words just dont come! Thanks for the reply.

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