Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Thanks for Reading!

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This is my last blog post for Open Book Toronto. Thanks to Open Book Toronto for the invitation, and thanks for reading the posts.

I'll end on a note about the perils/opportunities we face over the next decade as readers and writers. While I think there are many reasons for optimism about the future of books and the future of reading, I also think we need to be vigilant.

Writers need to lobby hard to be heard in the ongoing discussions about pbooks, ebooks, social media, social reading, digital engagement, etc - we need to be in that space, making ourselves heard.

Readers and writers need to be thinking hard about libraries, and the shape and role for libraries in the future. Library advocates are already hard at work in this field, but last week's developments in the US (where Harper Collins declared that their ebooks would only be eligible for 26 loans per 'purchase') are worrying. Have a look at for more details. As the shape of book retail changes, libraries have the opportunity to place themselves at the heart of our ongoing conversations about reading.

There's a huge amount going on in the world of books currently. It's a good time to be writing, and a good time to be reading.

Stay warm Toronto!

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Kate Pullinger

Kate Pullinger writes for both print and digital platforms. In 2009 her novel The Mistress of Nothing won the Governor General’s Literary Award for Fiction. Her prize-winning digital fiction projects, Inanimate Alice and Flight Paths: A Networked Novel, have reached audiences around the world.

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