Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Eavesdropped Streetcar Conversation

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Q) Is that another book on writing?
A) Yeah. It's by this woman named Natalie Goldberg. She used to be a teacher and she's a Buddhist. I think that's why her writing's so clear. The style is like...she caught the words in a cup from a stream."
Q) You really think a book can teach you how to write?
A) Yeah. It's working.

Q) Remember that record "Learn Polka-Step in An Hour"? Ask me to polka.
A) Her book isn't theory. It's filled with practical advice. Not platitudes that make you want to paint your nails black and move to Berlin.
Q) We're each as individual as snowflakes. What practical advice does she have?
A) Write every day. Accept yourself.
Q) And?
A) That's it. I mean there's more, but that's all I remember.
Q) Geez. And you paid how much for that book?

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