Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Spring 2008

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A Textual Excursion Around the Annex

The Annex area of Toronto has long been a popular locus for writers — both as a place of residence and as a source of inspiration.


Leaving in the Blank Spaces

It's a truth universally held by veterans of the Grade 9 English exam that a work of fiction requires a "strong sense of place" to come alive in the reader's mind. Those of us who answered the bonus question may also remember that the attitudes, goals and manners of characters in a work of fiction are very much determined by their place of origin and residence, and that characters in a Canadian novel have a special relationship to a vague, brooding entity known as The North.

The 48-Hour Interview

Promoting Books in an “Added Value” World

A conversation about book publicity.

Over a 48-hour period, artist and writer Evan Munday, who is a publicist for Coach House Books, and writer Julie Wilson, who works in publicity and marketing at House of Anansi Press and Groundwood Books, interviewed each other about the art of publicity, community building, bizarre book launches and their personal artistic endeavors. The interview was conducted via e-mail.

Book Excerpt

The Prosecution: May 9

From Tilted: The Trial of Conrad Black by Steven Skurka

In Tilted: The Trial of Conrad Black, veteran attorney and journalist Steven Skurka brings the trial of media titan Conrad Black to life and argues that it was "tilted" from the outset by an American justice system that stacks the odds against the defendant, and a prosecution that played the "class card" in an attempt to demonize Black for his wealth and excesses.

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