Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Spring 2010

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21st-Century Editing with The Book Oven

By K Sawyer Paul In the last ten years, almost every aspect of publishing words has been modified – often painfully – by the advent of several new technologies. The Internet has given anyone with a connection the ability to become an author, to quickly and easily publish any amount of words on any subject they like. It’s increasingly easy to design pages that look nice, too, with aesthetically pleasing fonts and images. We’ve come a long way from green screens and monitor flicker.

The 48-Hour Interview

Notes toward a Cognac Topic

Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer and Antanas Sileika on the what and the why of writing

Over a 48-hour period, writers Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer (Perfecting, Goose Lane Editions) and Antanas Sileika (Woman in Bronze, Random House Canada) interviewed each other about Canadian writing, historical fiction and writing from a "place of urgency." The interview was conducted via email.

Antanas Sileika:

I've been looking forward to talking to you about some of the reasons why we write ever since I was slightly shaken by reading Rasskazy, an anthology of new Russian writing edited by Mikhail Iossel


The Poetic World of Karen Solie

By Jon Eben Field
“All we come up with are gestures towards answers.” - Karen Solie, 14/11/2008
In June of last year, I met Karen Solie at a friend's wedding in Northern Ontario. At the time, I did not know who she was. I did not know about her as a poet. I recall asking what she did.


Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bookstore

Indie book culture in Toronto

By Terese Saplys In the past year, Toronto’s indie book culture has been besieged by stroke after stroke of bad luck. By the end of August 2009, Pages, a legendary indie bookstore and a central node in Toronto’s literary culture, had closed due to the skyrocketing rent on Queen Street West. Between August and December, two more beautiful stores — Mirvish Books, purveyor of art books in Mirvish Village, and Type on the Danforth — shut down in quick succession.

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