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Summer 2009

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The 48-Hour Interview

"Adapt or die, young Jedi"

Steven W. Beattie & George Murray on book blogging

Writer Steven W. Beattie, whose literary website is That Shakespearean Rag, and writer George Murray, founding editor of the book blog Bookninja, interview each other about "the rise of the digital world" and the future of print and online journalism. The interview was conducted via e-mail.


Hey, George (or should I call you my "rival" book blogger?).

Book Excerpt

A Cold Season in Shanghai

A novel by S. P. Hozy

A Cold Season in Shanghai by S. P. Hozy is an historical novel to be published by Napoleon & Company in September 2009 under its RendezVous Press adult fiction imprint. It's the story of two women, who meet as girls in Shanghai in the early part of the twentieth century. Their story is told through the eyes of Tatiana, who has arrived with her family in Shanghai as a child in 1905.


Keeping the Lead Sharp

A look at Broken Pencil magazine, from the inside out.

By Lindsay Gibb My first encounter with Broken Pencil was on a zine rack at the now defunct Record Peddler on Queen Street West. It was 1996 and I’d just started making my own zine. I was running around getting it in any store that would accept 15 photocopied pages detailing events from my life and the health of the Brampton music scene. At the time, I was enthralled by the fact that anyone would actually pay one dollar to read anything that I chose to put on those 15 pages.


Literature for Life

Promoting literacy, empathy and a love of learning

By Tanis Rideout “For a lot of our participants this is likely the first book that they’ve ever finished.” Jo Altilia, founder and executive director of Literature for Life holds up a novel with a lurid pink and purple cover; the red puffy lips are a slash of sexuality. There’s a blurb at the top by Sean “Puffy” Combs. The book is Sister Souljah’s The Coldest Winter Ever, a "street literature" bestseller.

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