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Last week, I did a phone interview with Rashi Khilnani, a journalist at Radio Canada International, the international arm of CBC Radio. She presents a segment called the "Indo Canadian report" on a show called "The Link" that broadcasts internationally. What was interesting about the segment was that it is an audio collage of elements of my interview with Rashi and her discussion of my book, Shopping for Sabzi, with the host of "The Link". I did some campus radio interviews earlier in the season, but the questions Rashi posed pushed me to consider the book in a larger frame of how the book speaks to a generation coming of age. If you'd like to hear the segment, here is the link to the Link:

The interview was broadcast on Dec 16, 2008 and I'm in around 36 minutes of the 2nd hour.

I also did a very brief live interview on SUN TV's Canoe Live. And I mean live, no make up, hair apparently, sticking up. It was fun and breezy, and I especially enjoyed the host, Leanne, describing the book as about "South Asian socialites"!

Lastly, my event with was both intimate and collegial. It was the first time I read sitting down and did a Q and A in a semi-circle in a dark panelled room with the dim lighting of a restaurant. The snow was falling outside, but inside people were laughing, asking great questions, and even some, asking for dating advice! (The story I read, "Spick and Span" featured a professional single being collared into refereeing a martial convention!)

Happy Holidays!

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