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An Author’s Wilderness Adventures

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An Author’s Wilderness Adventures

From the Cormorant Books blog. Jeffrey Round, author of The P-Town Murders, writes about his recent visit to the idyllic community of Turkey Point, Ontario.

I’ve been to Hollywood, I’ve been to Redwood, and now I’ve been to Turkey Point. Where, you may well ask, is that? And better yet, what was I doing there?

I’ll tell you.

Turkey Point lies 24 km south west of Port Dover on the north shore of Lake Erie. The Point is home to Ontario’s only national park with a nine-hole golf course, and an elite campground for gay men. I went to the latter. Not your everyday camping experience, it’s a set designer’s dream of fabulously decorated trailers, cabins and tents, where a tame ocelot or a pair of peacocks tut-tutting through the gardens would not be out of place.

The last weekend in August I arrived at the Point to participate in an afternoon of author readings with my recently published Cormorant novel, The P-Town Murders.

Courtesy of Cormorant Books. Keep reading about Jeffrey Round's Wilderness Adventure at the Cormorant Books blog.

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