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BTL's Dose of No-Nonsense: Serving #4

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BTL's Dose of No-Nonsense: Serving #4

A Dose of No-Nonsense is a regular sampling from the No-Nonsense Guides published by Between The Lines. Courtesy of Paula Brill from BTL.

Food systems operate in much the same way as the body’s circulatory system, nature’s ecosystems, the educational system, the solar system, or the capitalist system, where each part is most deeply understood in relation to the whole.

And so it is with most food choices, which are rarely fixed in their impact, but have a different effect depending on the system they’re part of ... Media reports usually present different news stories – about livestock diseases, childhood obesity and diabetes, rural depopulation, drastic declines of wild fish, rising prices of basic foods, deepening problems of famine and hunger, or increased pollution from food transportation and packaging, for example – as if each is its own self-enclosed story, with no systemic connection to others.

No-Nonsense Guide to World Food • September 2008 • 184 pages • ISBN 978-1-897071-44-1 • $16.00

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