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Call for Submissions: An Anthology of Dating Stories

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From the editors of Naked People Behaving Badly and Other Stories From the Dating Trenches:

Dear Ladies,

We are seeking out submissions for an anthology of dating stories (tentatively titled: Naked People Behaving Badly and Other Stories From the Dating Trenches). Longer stories, short stories, thumbnail sketches of hilarious — or absolutely disastrous — dating scenes are all welcome! Your stories can be fictional but we’re hoping to hear some real-life dating adventures &mdash: only, please change some details (ie. names) to protect the not-so-innocent! For the moment, we’re only soliciting stories from women — but the sexual orientation of your dating partners is completely up to you!

We’re hoping to compile your stories (and ours!) into book form and hopefully, one day, get the book published! There are no guarantees, of course, (and, frankly, probably no money in it even if the book does go to press) so this will have to be a labour of love. You don’t need to be a professional writer, either — all you need is a good story and the desire to share it.

Here are some possible themes we’ve been throwing around that we’re hoping might spark your imaginations:

  • All-time most insensitive breakups (yours or his)
  • Naked people behaving badly
  • First date disasters
  • Total psychos
  • “I wish I hadn’t….”
  • A “Bridget Jones” moment
  • Strangest requests
  • Ambiguous sexuality

Feel free to riff on your own themes — and please also feel free to send a few gems of dating delights our way, too!

LENGTH: Your stories can be anywhere between 50 and 3,000 words (1/2 page or less to 12-15 pages double spaced).

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please send your stories in .RTF or Word format, double-spaced attachment. We’d love to know who you are, too, so please send us a short note with your e-mail submission letting us know a bit about yourself. Don’t forget to include your full name and contact information (phone, cell, email, address) in the email and on your submission.

N.B. Please be sure to indicate in your cover letter whether or not you wish your story to remain anonymous if it goes to print!

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: We’re hoping to have a pile of stories by May 1st, 2011.

Kindly send electronic submissions to:

Looking forward to hearing from you all!

P.S. Please feel free to pass this call for submissions around to your friends!

Sincerely, your excited dating editors,

Stephanie King & Erin Vollick

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