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Call for Submissions: Jobbers Wants your Wrestling-Themed Poetry!

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Jobbers call for submission

From our friends at Jobbers

On the page … off the page … OUT OF CONTROL!

Jobbers, a poetry zine curated by indie icons Nathaniel G. Moore and Spencer Gordon, wants your best poetry that reviles, reflects or revels in the art of professional wrestling. Capture the steroidal zaniness of the cartoon rock and wrestling mid 1980s or the over-gimmicked dark ages of the early 1990s. Recall with nostalgia the glory days of pre-McMahon black and white regional integrity, or muse on indie church basement splendor.

Explore the exhausted locker rooms of your local small-time wrestling league. Write erotic love poems to your favourite spandexed hero or villain. Give us a “hell yeah” as you investigate the middle-finger-in-the-air screwjobs of the Attitude Era. Give us humour or heartbreak, caustic wit or hyperbolic fandom. Take a classic CanLit poem and put it in a headlock! Write a tribute to your favourite wrestler or pit yourself against one of wrestling’s most tragic figures!

Jobbers will be a classic staple-stitched zine monstrosity compiled and co-edited by Toronto Literary Tag Team jobbers Spencer Gordon and Nathaniel G. Moore, creators of such classic reading series events and pay-per-views as “30 Poets, One Ossington,” “Steel Cage Cart Carrel at the no frills Parking Lot,” “Andrew Andrew, Michael Michael, Battle Royale,” “Writers Reserve Rumble,” and “The Griffin Lite Hardcore Open Mic Cruiserweight Challenge and Salad Bar Reading.” And of course, “Garrison Grudge Match: Poetry Judgement Day”.

No limits, no restrictions, and no rules. Whether you’re a local hero, heel or not quite sure, send us your best wrasslin’ — inspired literature, but remember to do your “job.”

Coming soon to a duffel bag in a sweaty Toronto bar near you!

Deadline: March 21st, 2014

For details on how to submit and more information, visit Nathaniel G. Moore's website.

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