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Call for Submissions from Unlimited Editions

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From our friends at Unlimited Editions:

Announcing an unprecedented opportunity for fiction writers…

Two members of the Dropped Threads creative team and two of Canada's award-winning fiction writers join together to provide another collaborative opportunity for writers.

Marjorie Anderson and Deborah Schnitzer, the editor and one of the contributors from the national best-selling Dropped Threads anthologies, have teamed up with renowned authors Gail Anderson-Dargatz and Jack Hodgins to offer writers in Canada and other countries the opportunity to collaborate with them on a collectively written novel.

"I wonder why no one thought of this before." — Jack Hodgins

"Working with my friend and mentor, Jack Hodgins, and a host of other novelists will be a delight, especially given the nature of this project." — Gail Anderson-Dargatz

The novel will hinge on a tragic accident that happens at an urban university campus in the downtown area of an unspecified Canadian city. Each of the thirteen chapters will be written by a different author, and each will deal with circumstances in the life of one of the characters present at the University at the time of the incident. Marjorie Anderson and Deborah Schnitzer will write the opening scene-setting chapter; Gail Anderson-Dargatz and Jack Hodgins will each write one of the subsequent chapters; and all other chapters will be chosen from submissions sent in by writers from across Canada and internationally.

"I'm particularly pleased that this project continues in the spirit of Dropped Threads by providing opportunities for emerging writers to collaborate with well-established, acclaimed authors." — Marjorie Anderson

For more details on this unique venture, including the procedure for submitting chapters, please go to Interested writers have until June 7, 2011 to register their intentions to submit chapters for the collective novel and until September 7, 2011 to send in completed chapters for consideration.

"This experiment in voice, genre, and collaborative communities opens up fresh creative and interactive space for writers and readers." — Deborah Schnitzer

Visit to register!

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