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The Dirty Dozen, with Brent Pilkey

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Brent Pilkey

Brent Pilkey knows what he is talking about when he writes cops. A Toronto police officer, Brent has spent most of his career patrolling downtown streets.

The newest edition to his page-turning Rage series is Secret Rage (ECW Press), which follows on the heels of Lethal Rage and Savage Rage (both ECW).

Today we're happy to host Brent's version of the Dirty Dozen interview, which invites authors to share twelve unexpected facts about themselves. Read on to hear from Brent about his surprising indulgence, the perfect actor to play the Rage series hero Jack Warren and the ultimate catch phrase for a canine unit officer.

  1. I had eye surgery in order to join the Toronto Police. But this was back in ’88, long before the laser procedure. The surgeon used a diamond tipped scalpel to cut through what he described as nine of ten layers of wet tissue paper. I now have eight spoke-like scars on each eye.
  2. The word and name on my forearm sword tattoos: Royce, my first dog, and the Gaelic word for friends, both of whom helped me through some very dark times.
  3. My favourite dessert is the Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. It’s dessert perfection in its simplicity of chocolate, vanilla and whipped cream. It was a sad, dark day when the Outback Restaurants in Ontario closed down.
  4. Fatal Rage, what will be the fifth book in the Rage series, was actually the first book I wrote.
  5. My favourite movie is The Last Samurai. The storyline, the costumes, the score, the battle scenes and the sword play are all fantastic.
  6. I think Sam Worthington would make a great Jack Warren for the movie versions of the Rage books. When I first started writing the books, I had a young Russell Crowe pictured as Jack.
  7. I’m a Canadian by birth, but in some ways I’m not a true Canadian: I don’t like beer and have no interest in hockey, or any of the other major sports. In fact, the only sport I watch is the UFC. But I am a proud Canadian when I say GSP is the greatest athlete in the world.
  8. My guilty indulgence? Renaissance Festivals. And yes, I go in costume.
  9. My two dogs, plus the two before them, are all rescue dogs and came from either the Humane Society or the city pound.
  10. If I had ever joined the canine unit of the Toronto Police, I would have named my dog Justice. My catch phrase would have been, “Time to bring them to Justice.”
  11. My favourite holiday is Halloween. Every year I head up to a buddy’s place in Barrie. He does up his front yard and we spend the evening scaring the trick or treaters. Scaring the kids is fun, but it’s really rewarding when we frighten the teens or the parents.
  12. I said I’m not a beer drinker, but I love cider. The best I’ve ever had is Ironwood from Sunnybrook Farm Estate Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Brent Pilkey is a police officer who has spent the majority of his career patrolling downtown streets and working on a mobile crisis team. He made use of his 22 years experience in writing the Rage Series, which also includes Lethal Rage and Savage Rage.

For more information about Secret Rage please visit the ECW Press website.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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