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The Dirty Dozen, with Christopher Ward

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Christopher Ward

You know times are tough for a musician when the best course of action seems to be faking his own death on MTV in front of millions of viewers. But Roc Molotov, the protagonist of Christopher Ward's Dead Brilliant (Dundurn) is in just such a bind. When it seems like his best album ever is set to sink unnoticed due to industry politics, he and his manager hit upon the fake death scheme as the "perfect" solution.

Christopher Ward brings some serious cred to a book about the music industry, having written songs for some of the top-charting artists of the past thirty years, from Diana Ross to the Backstreet Boys. He was also among the first VJs in Canada during the 1980s, where he interviewed the likes of Leonard Cohen and Paul McCartney.

Today we are thrilled to welcome Christopher to Open Book as part of our Dirty Dozen series, where writers are asked to share twelve unexpected facts about themselves. Christopher spills about bands without words and words without rhymes and, like a good Canadian musician, works in an Alanis Morisette quotation.

  1. I'm a vegetarian but don't like cucumbers. If I want water I don't want to have to peel it.
  2. I once interviewed a band called The Residents, who don't speak. I got the answers I was looking for.
  3. I did not invent Teflon, bubble wrap or karaoke as has often been suggested, but did have a small but important role in the creation of the fuzzy toilet seat cover.
  4. I'm brave but I'm chickensh*t.
  5. When she was seven, my daughter read The Golden Compass to me. It was heavenly.
  6. I've been a songwriter for many years and I'm still seeking a rhyme for 'solvent', and not in the financial sense.
  7. Wards island would be mine if I hadn't lost those 99 year leases in a late night game of Crazy 8's.
  8. I wish Billy Joel had pursued cartography.
  9. I believe plaid is camouflage for seniors and I'm warming to it.
  10. I consider Scrabble to be a full-contact sport.
  11. When I was a child my parents listened to Rachmaninoff and I thought his name was Rock Moninov.
  12. I'm a rambling man so don't fall in love with me.

Christopher Ward, Canada's original MuchMusic VJ, wrote the worldwide No. 1 hit Black Velvet. His songs have been recorded by Diana Ross, The Backstreet Boys, and many others, and he's been seen as a judge on YTV's The Next Star. Ward is also the author of Dead Brilliant and Mac in the City of Light. He lives in Toronto.

For more information about Dead Brilliant please visit the Dundurn website.

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