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The Dirty Dozen, with Lauren B. Davis

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Lauren B. Davis

Inspired by the horrific Goler Clan of Nova Scotia, Our Daily Bread (HarperCollins Canada) is Lauren B. Davis' most recent novel. Lauren has previously written two novels and a collection of short fiction and, early in her career, she worked with Timothy Findley at the Humber School for Writers.

Today Lauren takes on the Open Book Dirty Dozen, which gives authors the chance to share 12 unexpected facts about themselves. Lauren chats about Vin Diesel, disappearing churches and the natural anti-depressant.

  1. I cook a really mean lamb tagine (and will share the recipe if you want it.)
  2. I have a secret crush on Vin Diesel. I also have a secret crush on Jeremy Irons. I think there’s nothing odd about having a crush on those two, albeit dissimilar, men.
  3. I believe in ghosts. Thus far, they’ve been fine company.
  4. I pray. What/who the heck I’m praying to I have no idea. I call it The Ineffable. “Effy” for short. Effy’s kind and smart and ENORMOUS. She assures me dogs go to heaven and, most importantly, she isn’t me. That’s all I need to know.
  5. Speaking of The Ineffable, once, when my husband, Ron, and I were in France we stopped on the top of a mountain to admire a tiny 7th century beehive church — the only thing for miles around. We entered this exquisite small space and felt something truly sacred. This was an odd experience because, we found out later, the 7th century beehive church does in fact exist, but it is surrounded by a large cathedral and is in the middle of a town. Wherever or perhaps whenever we were there, there was no cathedral, no town. Weird, right? My husband still doesn’t like talking about it. I, on the other hand, love talking about it.
  6. I got married and left home at sixteen. (Not to Ron. Ron’s my ‘last’ husband. He prefers that to ‘third’ and so do I, especially since we’ve been together for twenty-five years.)
  7. I am hyper-sensitive to noise and crowds. I have been known to leave parties mid-way through with my fingers stuffed in my ears. If I do that at your party, please don’t take it personally.
  8. On a similar note (pun intended) I loathe cell-phones and think they should be banned from all public transportation and most public spaces (see #7). You may use them in the middle of a desert if you’re the only one around and it’s an emergency, which it just might be if you’re in the desert alone. People who use cell phones in movie theaters or trains or buses, and especially during dinner, should be banished to live in a tiny phone booth in which the phone doesn’t actually work. Honestly people, NO ONE wants to listen to your conversations so, at the very least, stop YELLING.
  9. I believe having a dog is better than, or just as, beneficial for your mental health as are anti-depressants (see #4). At least it is for me. I mean, really, how could I be unhappy with this face around:
  10. And here’s the bonus — he reads:

  11. I have watched “Mob Wives” and enjoyed it. More than once. Yes, I am ashamed. Effy says she forgives me, but that I can do better.
  12. As of today, I have been sober for 6,204 days. Tomorrow, I’m planning to be sober for 6,205 days.
  13. I’ve been dreaming a lot lately about being attacked by wasps, which I think is an improvement from the tornados, but not nearly as much fun as dreams about flying, which I have frequently, or dreams about swimming with tame dragons. I also visit the same houses in my dreams, over and over, and always know I’m dreaming and in the dreams I remember everything that’s happened there before. I’m not going to tell you about the dreams involving Vin Diesel and/or Jeremy Irons, although I’m not saying they won’t show up in a novel one day.

Lauren B. Davis is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed novel The Stubborn Season, The Radiant City, and most recently, Our Daily Bread, as well as a collection of short stories, Rat Medicine & Other Unlikely Curatives. Born in Montreal, Davis lived in France for 10 years. She now lives in Princeton, New Jersey.

For more information about Our Daily Bread please visit the HarperCollins Canada website.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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