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In Light of Disaster, Educate Yourself.

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"Living in a place that is so far away, it’s hard to think of how [the BP oil spill] disaster is going to affect us, aside from the obvious impact it will have on the cost of crude oil and gasoline".

In her latest blog entry, Marta Warner of Dundurn Press points out that our safe proximity is no excuse for apathy. Instead, she views the tragedy as an opportunity for Canadians to "educate themselves on the conservation and environmental issues facing our own terrain". In other words, it doesn't have to happen in our own backyards for us to pay attention.

After searching through the Dundurn Press website for nature books, Marta stumbled on Changing Parks. Published in '98, the book contains plenty of information for the concerned and conscientious citizen. Although Canada has not experienced many environmental crises, Marta reminds us of our continued obligation to the environmental health of our country.

You can also find more books about the environment at the Between the Lines website. For young adults, Groundwood Books is also an excellent resource.

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