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Freedom to Read Week: What Freedom to Read Means to Me

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Freedom to Read Week

In celebration of Freedom to Read Week, we asked you what reading freedom means to you. We received some amazing submissions and are excited to share them with you now, as Freedom to Read week ramps up! Don't miss the photo gallery below.

While we in Canada enjoy comparative reading freedom, it is always important to rigorously defend that freedom and to articulate why it is important, while engaging in an international conversation about the importance of intellectual rights and freedoms.

And even in Canada, books and magazines can be banned, turned away at the border and restricted. Books banned in the past include Nabokov's masterpiece, Lolita, Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, CanLit icon Timothy Findley's The Wars and great American writer Norman Mailer's The Naked and the Dead — a list that just scratches the surface of the number of books that Canadians have had to fight for over the years.

Check out some of these poignant and insightful thoughts on reading freedom, and don't forget to check out the Freedom to Read website for a full slate of excellent FTRW events.

Catherine Barandiaran, program coordinator at the Book and Periodical Council

Brent Bambury, Host, CBC Radio Day 6

Serah-Marie McMahon, Type Books Community Manager and WORN Fashion Journal Editor in Chief

Richard Smith, White Squirrel Coffee Shop

Tanya Springer. CBC Radio Day 6

Kyle Buckley, author of The Laundromat Essay

Becky Toyne, Freedom to Read Week publicist

Kevin Coreno, @kevinjcoreno

Vanessa Greco, CBC Radio Day 6

David Ginsberg, White Squirrel Coffee Shop

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