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Friday's Featured Fiction: The Book of Stanley by Todd Babiak

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Friday's Featured Fiction: The Book of Stanley by Todd Babiak

Todd Babiak, Open Book’s first Writer In Residence, is getting wonderful reviews for his latest novel, The Book of Stanley. The Globe and Mail calls it “a funny, smart social satire that, at its very centre, has a heart.” The National Post praises Babiak’s book for its “strong cast of characters and sense of unpredictability” and “relentless good humour and keen wit.” Quill & Quire calls The Book of Stanley “whimsical and droll, offering up such oddities as mythical surly Sasquatches in purgatory and hauntings…. the story of Stanley’s struggle with his new powers is irresistible.”

Follow the links to read the reviews:

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The Book of Stanley
by Todd Babiak
McClelland & Stewart, 2007
392 pages

By all accounts, Stanley Moss is an average man. A retired florist, he lives quietly with his wife, Frieda, in a modest bungalow in Edmonton. Stricken with cancer, Stanley has few wishes for the time he has left, except perhaps for his son to call him back. But on the day of an appointment with the palliative care specialist, Stanley experiences a boom and a flash, and then, a remarkable transformation. He discovers he can read minds. He can fulfill people’s dreams. He has the strength of ten men. And, his illness has vanished. What could this mean? Could it be, as his New Age friend Alok believes, that Stanley's powers are divine? Is Stanley, a confirmed agnostic, the new Messiah?

With Alok and a reluctant Frieda in tow, Stanley heads to Banff (the most sacred place on earth) to look for answers and find a way to use his new powers for good. He encounters there his disciples — a Vancouver TV executive, a pro hockey player from the Prairies and a teenage girl from suburban Montreal — and together they start The Stan, a new religion, and invite the world to join. When the world shows up, along with the international media and an angry long-dead spiritualist, things take an unexpected turn.

Satirical, fantastical, filled with humour and pointed observation about organized religion in the modern world, The Book of Stanley is a provocative comedy about life, love, and devotion in all its guises.

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