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January/February 2010 LRC

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January/February 2010 LRC

The January/February issue of the Literary Review of Canada is online and in stores. As usual, the LRC is filled with insightful and thought-provoking articles and reviews. Keep reading for links to their free online articles and for a list of what you can find in the print and pdf copies.

From our friends at the LRC:

With the Winter Olympics almost upon us, Laura Robinson (a former member of the national cycling team and Ontario Nordic ski champion, as well as a veteran sports writer) argues that those who care about Canada's adherence to democratic values and Charter rights ought to be outraged by the IOC and VANOC's abuses of power:

Mathematician David Orrell maintains that we'll never be able to accurately predict developments in complex systems like the economy or global climate but that it's nevertheless worth reining in greenhouse gas emissions.

Can cash settlements ever compensate for the Holocaust? Literary scholar Norman Ravvin grapples with this question in his review of Some Measure of Justice: The Holocaust Era Restitution Campaign of the 1990s, by Michael Marrus.

And finally, Andrew Gibson examines Jean-François's Pour une gauche efficace, an as-yet-untranslated Quebecois blueprint for revitalizing social democratic politics that could spark reform well beyond la belle province.

For sale in stores and online:

Blaze of Glory
KEVIN SYLVESTER on Off the Chain: An Insider's History of Snowboarding, by Ross Rebagliati

The Myth of Chindia
JONATHAN HOLSLAG on Gravity Shift: How Asia's New Economic Powerhouses Will Shape the Twenty-First Century, by Wendy Dobson

Navigating Imperial Rivers
DESMOND MORTON on Mohawks on the Nile: Natives among the Canadian Voyageurs in Egypt, 1884-1885, by Carl Benn

Quebec's Abstract Radicals
PATRICIA SMART on The Automatiste Revolution: Montreal, 1941-1960, by Roald Nasgaard and Ray Ellenwood

A Woman Who Prevails
JOAN GIVNER on Euphoria, by Connie Gault

Enforcing Terrible Secrets
RAY GUY on The Bishop's Man, by Linden MacIntyre

Our Healthiest Industry?
STEPHEN SCHNEIDER on organized crime in Canada

Studying Supper
JUDY STOFFMAN on What's to Eat? Entrées in Canadian Food History, edited by Nathalie Cooke

Moral Vision, Empirical Rigour
NEIL MCLAUGHLIN on John Porter's sociological legacy

The Real Tariq Ramadan
CHARLES BLATTBERG on The Theology of Tariq Ramadan: A Catholic Perspective, by Gregory Baum

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