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National Magazine Awards Shortlist

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National Magazine Awards

It may be called a shortlist but 362 submissions have been nominated for the 35th annual National Magazine Awards. This year’s awards consist of 45 written, visual, integrated and special categories. The finalists will be announced on June 7th at the 35th anniversary National Magazine Awards gala in Toronto. We are delighted to note that Open Book: Toronto's Contributing Editor, Grace O'Connell, was nominated twice in the fiction category.

Below is a look at the nominations in a few of the written categories.

The nominees for best essay are:

Chris Turner for “Paradigm Shift” (AlbertaViews) and “Bearing Witness” (Eighteen Bridges)
Tim Bowling for “On the Rails” (Eighteen Bridges)
Ian Brown for “My Bold New Fitness Plan” (explore)
Diane Boudreau for “Oui, je connais Justin Bieber et j'ai un iPod!” (L'actualité)
Robert Fulford for “The Artist as Scoundrel” (Queen’s Quarterly)
Anna Porter for “Imre Kertész Writing the Impossible Novel” (Queen’s Quarterly)
Alice Major for “The Ultraviolet Catastrophe” (The New Quarterly)
Erna Paris for “The New Solitudes” (The Walrus)
Wayne Summer for “The Morgentaler Effect” (The Walrus)

The nominees for best fiction are:

Greg Hollingshead for “The Drug-Friendly House” (Eighteen Bridges)
Wayde Compton for “The Instrument” (Event)
Bill Gaston for “Four Corners” (Event)
Zoey Peterson for “Next Year, For Sure” (Malahat Review)
Peter Unwin for “The World in the Evening” (Queen’s Quarterly)
Grace O’Connell for “The Many Faces of Montgomery Clift” (Taddle Creek) and “Noisemakers” (The Walrus)
Lawrence Hill for “Meet You at the Door” (The Walrus)

The other written categories are:

Arts & Entertainment
Best Short Feature
Editorial Package
Health & Medicine
Investigative Reporting
One of a Kind
Personal Journalism
Politics & Public Interest
Science, Technology & the Environment
Service: Health & Family
Service: Lifestyle
Service: Personal Finance & Business
Sports & Recreation

To view the full list of nominations, click here.

For more information about the National Magazine Awards, visit the NMAF’s website.

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