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National Post profiles Nathaniel G. Moore

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National Post profiles Nathaniel G. Moore

Open Book contributor and Toronto lit scene regular Nathaniel G. Moore is profiled by Mark Medley in today's National Post, discussing his new novel Wrong Bar (Tightrope Books). Here's a taste:

"If you've been to readings in Toronto or Montreal any time over the past decade, chances are you've run into Moore. The native of East York - he went to the same high school as Margaret Atwood - left Toronto for Concordia in the early 90s, before dropping out and following a girl to Waterloo, where he remained for most of the '90s, writing "in isolation." He found himself back in Montreal in the early aughts, where he fell into a group of performance poets and writers including David McGimpsey and Jon Paul Fiorentino.

"It was the tail of end of what was the big performance boom in Montreal," he says, "and I was really interested in that: Alexis O'Hara and Catherine Kidd were like icons to me, and I just loved the way that they performed. And I never saw that in Toronto. I never saw performance-based writers."

Performance is central to Moore's work and, to an extent, his persona. In past interviews he's seemed to relish his role as underdog, provoking for the sake of provoking, and it's sometimes hard to separate Moore the person, Moore the writer, and Moore the character."

Click here for the full National Post profile.

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