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Noticed: Learn to Blog with Kerry Clare

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University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies

If you're thinking of starting a blog or, like so many of us, have a blog that sits untouched because you're not sure what to do with it, the University of Toronto's School of Continuing Studies course on The Art and Business of Blogging will teach you the basics of blogging and will also "take on the bigger questions — what’s a blog for, what are its unique capabilities, how do you make it worth your time, how do you make some money from it, what are the ethical questions involved, what is involved in blogging well...." The instructor for the course is one of our favourite bloggers, Kerry Clare, the brilliant reader and writer behind the much-loved literary blog, Pickle Me This. Visit her blog and you'll quickly discover why she is the perfect person to teach you how to "create a blog that you'll be comfortable with taking into the wide open future."

Read more about The Art and Business of Blogging at Pickle Me This.

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