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Noticed: When the Earth by Lisa Young

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When the Earth by Lisa Young

Recommended by Open Book: Toronto Editorial Intern, Danielle Webster. Danielle also blogs at

Toronto-based writer and editor Lisa Young is most recently the author of the poetry collection When the Earth (Quattro Books). Her book takes the reader on a journey through childhood memories and adult reflection, entwining the beauty of nature with everyday life. When the Earth is divided into four parts: Slide Down On a Slew of Stars, Bread Is Forgiving, When the Earth and How the Dark Early Morning Turns to Light . You can find Lisa on her blog, where she talks about poetry, fiction and everything in between.

Read on for an excerpt from When the Earth.

Rain Walk

The rain’s so polite I can barely hear her.

I wander past the old wooden steps,
mint leaves growing out from under.

The maple tree is losing her bark,
her years shortening.

The rain’s picking up by the river.

Weigela bells cluster in bliss
near the evergreens.

In the ash tree, dead branches tangle,
tenderly held up for passersby.

I stand where the wild reeds grow,
the red raft moored to the shore.

I hear her now.

“Come,” says the rain, “come hither.”


Praise for When the Earth:

“…Employing an endless reservoir of poetic skills and brilliance, Young evokes those initially fleeting moments paramount in shaping who we are as human beings.” — Michael Fraser

“Memorable discoveries … imaginative leaps … When the Earth is more than a good beginning; it represents achievement.” — John Robert Colombo

Lisa Young’s work has appeared in Jones Av., Misunderstandings Magazine, Quills Canadian Poetry Magazine and Rampike, among others. She is a former fiction editor and senior poetry editor for Existere. She belongs to the Plasticine PoetryCollective and Moosemeat as well as a few other long-standing writing groups in Toronto. When the Earth is her first poetry collection.

For more information about When the Earth please visit the Quattro Books website.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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