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Open Book's Winter Magazine 2011: The Sports Issue

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Open Book's 2011 Winter Magazine is up. We like to call it "The Sports Issue." May it inspire you to work out while you're thinking about your next novel, to watch the hockey game in a whole new light, to hone your ninja skills and to talk and write about books with such passion and vigor that you'll need to recover on the couch with a good read.

"Can exercise be detected in one’s writing, in terms of quality, rhythm and output?" In her essay, "Mind Over Matter? Matter Over Mind," runner and writer Angela Hibbs contemplates the importance of exercise for a writer and talks to some of Canada's fittest authors about their routines.

In "A Winter Classic," hockey player, writer and editor Michael Holmes asks you to "picture a world where TSN, Sportsnet, ESPN, the Fan590 and the rest never heard of the NHL, NFL, NBA, MLB or any other major league acronym, where sports, in fact, no longer exist." What if, he asks, "the focus of their programming were suddenly replaced with an entirely different entertainment/ obsession/ pastime — yup, with books."

In this issue's 48-Hour Interview, "Ninja Skills and Marmite Books," Kelvin Kong and Dan Wagstaff discuss publishing, books and the ninja skills required to break into the book business.

Our Spotlight series is an ever-growing portrait gallery featuring the people in Toronto's literary scene. In this issue, we raise a glass to "The Rabble-Rousers," the people who never shy away from healthy debates about any and all things literary. All Spotlight portraits are created and photographed by one of our favourite Toronto photographers, Anna Ross.

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