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Premiere of Peep Culture Documentary with Hal Niedzviecki

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Premiere of Peep Culture Documentary with Hal Niedzviecki

Chocolate Box Entertainment is proud to announce the premiere of Peep Culture, a groundbreaking documentary that explores what happens to society when everyday life becomes pop culture entertainment.

The documentary makes its debut on the CBC News Network's The Passionate Eye on Wednesday, February 16 at 10pm ET.

Peep culture is Reality TV, YouTube, FaceBook, Twitter, blogs, corporate surveillance and more. With hilarious, exasperated acuity, social critic and author Hal Niedzviecki dives into Peep. Niedzviecki is the author of eight books including, most recently, The Peep Diaries: How We’re Learning to Love Watching Ourselves and Our Neighbors.

At the urging of Peep Culture director Sally Blake and producer Jeannette Loakman, he starts his own blog, joins every social network that will have him, and wires his house for 24/7 web broadcast. As his increasingly infuriated wife looks on and director Blake urges ever more exposure, Niedzviecki moves into the basement, installs cameras in the bathroom and searches for the soul of Peep.

Peep Culture is one of the first looks at how today’s society encourages voyeurism as mass entertainment. To find out more about this fascinating documentary, and to spy on Hal's latest endeavors both literary and beyond, click here.

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