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Preparation Underway for L3 Writers' Conference!

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Preparation Underway for L3 Writers' Conference!

By Kameela Amer on behalf of iDeology*

At Barrie North Collegiate, on April 7th and 8th, 2009, Mr. Adduono’s iDeology class will be hosting their very own L3 Writers' Conference. On top of this, the iDeology students will work to launch a music concert on March 27, 2009, called "Mr. Adduono and Friends," which will help to raise money for the iDeology class magazine.

The L3 Conference seeks to unite the worlds of language, literacy and literature, and to be available not only for students, but also for the general public to enjoy. The entire preparation for the L3 Conference is completed by the iDeology students, and with this in mind, it has been a very busy process. There are many specific jobs that needed to be accomplished in order for this conference to be up and running on time.

Ian Huffam (pictured) was in charge of creating a program and registration pamphlet which informs people about which authors will be appearing during the L3 workshops and when the workshops will take place. Also, these pamphlets act as a registration system to help organize the inflow of people who will be attending the conference. Meghan Dew and Holly Constantineau have made tickets for both L3 and the Mr. Adduono and Friends Music Concert. Along with this, there is a lot of promotion that is needed for L3 so both students and the general public are informed about this inspirational event. Every student plays a role: host/hostess to authors, stuffing envelopes, emcees, fundraising, etc.

We also need a fair amount of promotion so we can raise the necessary finances, either by donations or sponsorship, in order to run the L3 Conference. For this job, iDeologist Danielle Smith is in charge of promotions and has worked with Onalee Groves from Barrie City Hall to promote the L3 Conference via posters, postcards and email. In addition to this, Chris Carr has completed two posters for the conference that will be put up throughout both Barrie North and Simcoe County secondary schools. There are also two other students, Natasha Booth and Taylor Danyluk, who are working on broadcasting and announcements to promote this event on Barrie North’s very own school broadcasting system. Chelsea Ross is running a poetry contest through the school’s Science Department and Gabrielle Anderson is working on gift bags for every author. Last but not least, we have Allysa Ahmed, Danielle Smith, Natasha Booth and Taylor Danyluk who are all Emcees for the L3 Conference nights. Many other students in the class helped to put up posters around the school, and to prepare the registration packages for schools in the SCDB and SMCDSB.

Clearly, it has been a busy time for all of the iDeology students, but we managed to get all of these tasks completed by February 27, 2009. So far, it has been a great learning experience for all of us and we are all looking forward to the L3 Conference and the Mr. Adduono and Friends Music Concert. We hope that many more people in Barrie and the surrounding area will have a chance to enjoy these upcoming events, as well.

Just think … Alistair MacLeod, Nino Ricci, Jay Ingram, Eleanor Wachtel, Eric Walters plus twenty more authors … all in Barrie at one time!

TICKETS AND INFORMATION: Tickets for the Mr. Adduono and Friends Music Concert will be on sale in the front foyer of Barrie North Collegiate every day during regular school hours. For more information on the L3 Writers' Conference or the Music Concert, please contact Brian Adduono at Barrie North: 705.726.6541

*About the iDeology Program at Barrie North Collegiate

Open Book is thrilled to host the iDeology Progam's student blog. iDeology is a unique package of three Grade 12 high school courses rolled into one: English, Writers’ Craft and Philosophy. The Program focuses on personal growth through reading, creative writing, exploring ideas and exciting class projects. The L3 Writers’ Conference is perhaps the biggest project; iDeology students organise and run Ontario’s largest high school literary event, featuring workshops, readings, contests and presentations. Each year over twenty authors present to more than 300 students and the evening events, open to the general public, draw close to 500 people each night! Past participants include Alistair MacLeod, Nino Ricci, Eleanor Wachtel, Joy Kogawa, Jay Ingram, Erika Ritter and dozens more. iDeology students also produce a professional magazine, perform a Poetry Slam, write and produce plays and short films, host a concert and much more. iDeology is associated with UPC – Laurentian University at Georgian in Barrie (patron professor – Dr. Bruce Meyer). Students get guest lectures from university profs and attend university lectures on campus. Students also get interesting field trips to other universities, Stratford Festival, CBC, CTV, Much Music and performances. International travel saw students go to New York City and soon London & Edinburgh. In addition to blogging on, iDeology participates in the “Aristotle” online essay competition – and won it in 2008! iDeology is a unique and exciting way for students to prepare for university and perhaps “find themselves” along the way. The Program is taught by Brian Adduono at Barrie North Collegiate in Barrie, Ontario.

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