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Reading Events with Young Writers from the Edge

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From our friends at Diaspora Dialogues:

Spring is in the air and "flowers" are about to bloom — in the form of high school students who took part in Diaspora Dialogues' creative writing program, Young Writers from the Edge. They will present their brand new creative writing at reading events in their neighbourhoods of Danforth-Crescent Town, Jamestown and Etobicoke-High Park.

Come join them on March 21, 24 and 31 to celebrate this new work and meet our city’s freshest emerging writers!

"The Diaspora Dialogues workshops have been a huge gift to my writing, especially since it sets aside time just for creativity. In the past two years I've only missed two workshops, because the extraordinary poets and writers that we get as mentors share such great exercises and experiences, and they help me see how I can create and edit my works to the highest degree of satisfaction." says Dante Mottillo, age 16, a student from Father John Redmond CSS who will be presenting his work on March 31st.

His teacher Christopher Stidham is equally enthused. "It's an incredible joy and inspiration to see what the Diaspora Dialogues workshops do for my students. The confidence and comfort that they develop as writers, not to mention the talents and skills that they discover and tap, is magical. They find their voices, their power, and what else is there to do then but celebrate them. And this is what Diaspora Dialogues does so well, shaping, celebrating, and empowering these brilliant young voices."

The professional writers/mentors for this year were: Diana Tso, Andrea Thompson, Catherine Graham, Emily Pohl-Weary, Rosina Kazi, Marcia Johnson, Anne Marie Woods and Melissa Dean.

About Young Writers from the Edge: High school age students work with professional writer-mentors to develop their writing skills in different forms, including fiction, drama, and poetry/spoken word. Based on the work developed through these workshops, the youth will present their pieces alongside their mentors at a celebratory reading event.

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