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Reading Recommendation: Alex Boyd's BoydBlog

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Visit Toronto writer Alex Boyd's blog and be drawn in by his smart and engaging entries about books, writers, movies, films, cities and other topics. In his latest entry, an essay titled "Comfort and Canadian Poetry," Boyd wonders whether the fact that Canadians are "comfortable" has made some of our poetry "trivial" and calls for poets to "act with...extra caution":

It’s simply that poets don’t do themselves or poetry any favours when they write about trivial matters. Also, if it’s the case that Canadians are more susceptible to this because of our comfort – if there is even a chance that we operate on a different scale, that what we call important is actually closer to trivial – then we need to act with that much extra caution. We’ve been comfortable for generations, even as new and diverse forms of self-expression and entertainment continued to grow. Poetry began to compete with more and more at a time when we were also more likely to use poetry as a method of self-indulgence. And so we get poetry that manages to come across as overconfident, trivial and cliché all at the same time.

Boyd also discusses poems and poets he admires, such as Gordan Simic's "War Mice" and Evie Christie's "I Love Alcoholics." It's an engrossing essay that will make you think about our country's poetry as we close in on National Poetry Month.

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