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Recommended Reading: LRC's November Issue

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Recommended Reading: LRC's November Issue

Pick up a copy of the November issue of the Literary Review of Canada or browse through their free online article for some great reading. Highlights from the LRC's online and print issues are listed below.

Online articles:

Dr. Charles J. Wright argues that ever-increasing public expectations for medical treatment will bankrupt Canadian health care without necessarily making for healthier citizens. Dr. Wright's piece is all the more relevant given recent coverage in the New York Times and the Journal of the American Medical Association exposing the exaggerated benefits of medical screening, such as mammograms and PSA tests. Read it here.

Academic and media commentator Janice Gross Stein turns to controversial new terrain, dissection how unconscious emotional responses shape the financial moves of experts and lay investors alike and how these mood swings helped drive the ongoing economic crisis. Read it here.

Maclean's columnist Paul Wells confronts Canada's persistent obsession with Pierre Trudeau, praising the second volume of John English's biography of Canadas 15th prime minister but wondering if more books about him are really in order. Read it here.

Kate Taylor reviews Art and Politics: The History of the National Arts Centre, published to coincide with the Centre's 40th anniversary. Taylors asks whether as an Ottawa institution the NAC's national vision is realistic, warranted or useful. Read it here.

In the print copy of the LRC:

Tom Slee on The Price of a Bargain: The Quest for Cheap and the Death of Globalization, by Gordon Laird

Prepping for Privilege
Stephen Zeifman on The Best of the Best: Becoming Elite at an American Boarding School, by Rubén A. Gaztambide-Fernández

Freedom Redefined
Daniel Marc Weinstock on Public Philosophy in a New Key, Volume 1: Democracy and Civic Freedom and Volume 2: Imperialism and Civic Freedom, by James Tully

From the Somme to Guernica
Robert McGill on Underground, by June Hutton

Right-Wing Cabals?
Evert Lindquist on Not a Conspiracy Theory: How Business Propaganda Hijacks Democracy, by Donald Gutstein

The Honest Adman
David Dunne on The Age of Persuasion: How Marketing Ate Our Culture, by Terry O'Reilly and Mike Tennant

Lest We Forget
James Roots on Canadians Fighting the Great War 1914-18, Volume 1: At the Sharp End and Volume 2: Shock Troops, by Tim Cook

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