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The (Spooky) Dirty Dozen, with Corey Redekop

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Corey Redekop

Corey Redekop's Husk (ECW Press) is a perfect book to post about on Halloween. But the witty prose and fantastic storytelling in Husk — a book which follows poor Sheldon Funk, whose life was already going pretty badly before he woke up as a zombie — will have you in stitches all year around.

Today in the Dirty Dozen, an interview series that asks authors to share twelve unexpected facts about themselves, Corey tells us about creepy crawlies, shark-infested waters and raisins for Halloween. Read on for the tricks and treats!

  1. My acting career never got off the ground (it stalled in the hangar, truth be told, and my dreams of being the next Harrison Ford along with it), but I did get a fair amount of work in Winnipeg as an extra. If you get a chance to watch Guy Maddin’s The Saddest Music in the World, keep an eye out for me, there is a good second where my face is the only thing onscreen, hooting wildly for one of the bands. I also got to stand next to Isabella Rossellini, but you can’t see me. Just wanted to get it out there. I stood next to Isabella Rossellini. You’re jealous.
  2. I used to be a barista at Starbucks and met a fair amount of celebrities filming movies in town. One day, Kevin Pollack walked in and ordered a latte. I tried to chat him up, hey, how you doing, what are you in town for. He just stared blankly at me until I handed him his beverage. David Suchet was much nicer, Craig Ferguson was gracious, Tom Skerritt was irritable, and Kristin Davis was very sweet. Most appreciative and talkative was Cathy Jones from This Hour has 22 Minutes. Quietest was Robin Williams. Kind of a jerk? Thomas Gibson (Dharma and Greg), but I’ll give him the benefit of a doubt. He was likely having a bad day; filming a subpar television disaster film must take a toll on an actor’s soul.
  3. I have a scar on the top of my head caused by a fall from the top bunk when I was a child. I landed square on a Dinky Car.
  4. I have a fear of spiders, but it really extends to all things that creep on more than four legs. Remember that scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom? Took me a dozen tries before I could watch it without either squirming or putting my hands up in front on my eyes. Hey, I was thirteen. Now, however, I have no such excuse.
  5. I cannot swim in any deep water without scenes from Jaws filling my head. That’s two Spielberg references already, any bets on a third?
  6. I never swore until grade 7 when, taunted by a boy I no longer remember, I unleashed every variance of the word f*ck I could come up with. It came out of me in waves, like water crashing against a pier, and lasted a good ten minutes. I’ve never looked back.
  7. I once lifted a minivan to save a trapped child. No, that’s not true, sorry. I just wanted to seem interesting.
  8. When I was young, I had to visit a piano teacher every week. One day, not wanting to be there, I hid her music underneath the piano so that she couldn’t find it, and I went home early. To this day, I’ve never admitted to my mother that I remember doing it. Now that I’ve revealed this dark truth to the world, let’s see if she really reads what I write, or just tells me what I want to hear.
  9. After decades of refusal on the grounds that they were flavourless abominations not fit for dogs, I now can eat raisins without retching. However, I stand by the claim in regards to those mini boxes mean people hand out at Halloween. Those things are the devil’s fruit.
  10. I have a recurring dream of almost flying. I can never stay afloat, I keep bouncing high into the air and then crashing to the ground. I bet Freud would have something to say about this. Myself, I just find it irksome.
  11. Every restaurant I ever worked at is now closed down. Every. Single. One. Many other places I’ve worked have also ceased to exist. When people complain that the book industry is dying, I secretly think it’s somehow my fault for getting published.
  12. At last year’s Frye Festival in Moncton, I read part of my Husk manuscript to an audience whose members included Marina Endicott. I was suddenly intensely aware that I was reading zombie fiction in front of Marina Endicott, which I believe is akin to meeting Alice Munro and reading her some of your Star Trek slash fiction.

Corey Redekop has been many things: actor, waiter, disc jockey, cameraman, editor, lawyer (almost) and now the fabled trifecta of publicist/librarian/author. His debut novel, Shelf Monkey, is either a work of insane genius or an intolerable left-wing screed, depending on which review you read. Stunningly handsome, supremely talented, superbly gifted at hyperbole, Corey abides in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

For more information about Husk please visit the ECW Press website.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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