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The Three Day Novel Contest

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The Three Day Novel Contest

The Three Day Novel contest, held every Labour Day weekend in authors' homes around the world, is perhaps the most intense 72 hours modern literature sees every year. This year, the contest drew 650 entrants from twenty countries, of whom 460 managed to complete and submit a novel.

The winner of the 32nd annual Three Day Novel contest, Mark Sedore, chose to approach the contest with no formal outline for his book. Snowmen, which is Sedore’s first published novel, will be released in August by 3-Day Books.

Second place was awarded to McKinley M. Hellenes of Mission, BC, for Everything Will Be OK and third went to Victoria Dunn of Ottawa, Ontario, for Alice’s Adventures with Welsh Zombies.

For more information and to enter the 33rd Annual Three Day Novel contest, which will be held September 4-6, 2010, visit the Three Day Novel website.

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