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The Tracey Fragments: See the Movie and Read the Book

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The Tracey Fragments: See the Movie and Read the Book

In today’s Torontoist, Matthew Kumar calls Bruce McDonald’s The Tracey Fragments “a film that blazes with… intensity and innovation.” The film, based on Maureen Medved’s book, had its official North American debut at the Toronto Film Festival, and the commercial movie release is on October 26. But you can’t just see the movie, you need to read the book! Fortunately, House of Anansi Press just re-released the book in paperback.

The Tracey Fragments
by Maureen Medved
House of Anansi Press
160 pages
Naked under a tattered shower curtain, fifteen-year old Tracey Berkowitz has been sitting in the back of a bus for two days, looking for her brother, Sonny, who thinks he is a dog. Tracey's stories begin to twist and intertwine truth with lies, absorbing the reader into the games and delusions she uses to escape her despair.

Maureen Medved adapted her novel into a film screenplay that was directed by acclaimed filmmaker Bruce McDonald. At the Berlin Film Festival in early 2007, the motion picture won the Manfred Salzgeber Prize for an innovative film "that broadens the boundaries of cinema today."

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