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Walrus Foundation Offers Free E-Book Download for Canada Water Week

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The Walrus Foundation

From our friends at the Walrus Foundation

During Canada Water Week, the Walrus Foundation and the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation are releasing an ebook by award-winning journalist and author Chris Wood containing his seminal story about the Mackenzie River, “The Last Great Water Fight,” first featured in the October 2010 issue of The Walrus. The ebook also includes “Back to the Mack,” in which Wood returns to the Mackenzie four years after his original story and chronicles the natural resource developments affecting both the river and the extensive ecosystems and communities it supports.

You are invited to download the free rich-media ebook Back to the Mack. This exclusive content will be publicly available at on March 17.

“Canada’s greatest river chain is more phenomenon than thing, or even place — a ceaseless living exchange of energies and nutrients, which is perpetually morphing into what it will be next.” — Chris Wood, “Back to the Mack”

The free ebook will be available through Apple iBooks, Kobo, and wherever ebooks are sold as of March 17.

These two articles also serve as companion content to the brand-new original documentary Cold Amazon, produced by the Walter and Duncan Gordon Foundation. Cold Amazon will be available to view for free as of March 17 at

Cold Amazon will also be broadcast on Oasis HDTMin partnership with Smithsonian Channel. Oasis HD is the first nature channel committed to continuous, clutter-free programming, showcasing the endless beauty of the natural world.

Narrated by celebrated northern journalist Paul Andrew, Cold Amazon tells the story of Canada’s massive Mackenzie River Basin. At 1.8 million square kilometres, covering three provinces and all three territories, the Mackenzie plays a significant environmental, economic, and spiritual role, which reaches far beyond its borders. This twenty-three-minute documentary highlights the importance and vulnerability of the mighty watershed through the impassioned voices of those who rely on its health and work for its protection.

Working with Yellowknife-based filmmakers Pablo Saravanja and Jay Bulckaert of aRTLeSS Collective, as well as journalist Tim Querengesser, the team brings the Mackenzie closer to home for the many Canadians who may be unaware of its importance, or even its existence.

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