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On Writing, with Julie Hart

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Julie Hart

Whether you're a child of the '80s feeling nostalgic or a new fan wanting a glimpse into a unique and fascinating lifestyle, Julie Hart's Hart Strings (Tightrope Books) will make a fantastic summer read.

Julie is the ex-wife of Bret "The Hitman" Hart, one of the WWE's most successful and iconic professional wrestlers. Together they had four children and a marriage that saw many ups and downs as they balanced the demands of Bret's superstar status and the wild world of professional wrestling with family needs.

Julie's memoir is an honest and open account of her life from her teens and onwards, through to meeting Bret and their courtship, their marriage and adventures and her new life with her children.

Today Julie speaks to us about the double-edged sword of writing about her personal life, her enduring love of the Bard and what's next for her.

Open Book:

Tell us about your book, Hart Strings.

Julie Hart:

It's my life story, from a troubled teenager to nervous mom to the person I am today. It's a sad, romantic and painful family story. And I guess I'm ready to share it.


Did you see this book as an opportunity to engage with some of the misconceptions people might have about the life around professional wrestling and your experiences in particular?


Well it's a wrestling book and it's not a wrestling book. You see, I never was a wrestler, but married into the wrestling world via Bret. So I guess the stigma might be that people will think it's a pure wresting biography.


Why was this the right time for this book?


I'd put it off for a couple of years and then things just seemed to fit into place about two years ago, and I began working with Tightrope last summer.


In the book, you don't shy away from the dark times and difficulties that accompanied the positive aspects of your experiences. Was it challenging to do so? What did you find most difficult about writing the book, and what aspects were the most pleasurable?


It has been cathartic and at the same time, painful to re-live or re-imagine some of the things my family and I went through.


While you were writing this book, what were you reading? Are there other memoirs you've enjoyed or that you've found inspiring as a writer?


I'm a big fan of Shakespeare, The Celestine Prophecy and countless self-help books. but Shakespeare was something I always came back to, as the project came to completion.


What are you working on now? Are you planning further writing projects?


I might write a kid's book for my granddaughter Kyra Beans. For now I'm just glad to have Hart Strings finally available for readers and my small army of fans.

Julie Hart is a proud mother of four and a grandmother. She is of First Nations blood, a proud Metis. Her family's band is from Saskatchewan — 'Carry the Kettle Nation'. The ultimate goal in Julie's life is to work with First Nations children. She has worked for enumerable charities including being a Stroke Group Facilitator at the Calgary Foothills Hospital, a speaker for Brain Injury awareness, Fundraising for the Winnipeg Children's Hospital, Overseas co-ordinator and operations specialist for "The Love of Children's Society of Alberta" and in 2006, worked in Israel to raise funds for homeless charities.

For more information about Hart Strings please visit the Tightrope Books website.

Buy this book at your local independent bookstore or online at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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