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For Your Weekend & Summer Plans: Ontario Books, Beer & Wine

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For Your Weekend & Summer Plans: Ontario Books, Beer & Wine

A perfect Friday afternoon story for you. As part of the celebrations this week of the 23rd Annual Trillium Book Awards, Wine Country Ontario and Ontario Craft Brewers have custom-matched their amazing Ontario drinks with the Ontario books on the Trillium Finalists list. Each pairing intends to match the characteristics of a particular Ontario wine or beer with that of the nominated Ontario book. For example, with Karen Solie's Pigeon, Niagara's Best Brewery's General Brock Stout is recommended:

The darkness belies the fate and creeping catastrophe. Stout meaning "strong" will provide the intensity to match the tone of the poems.

Recommended with Susan Holbrook's Joy is Exhausting, is Trumpour's Mill Street Pinot Gris:

In the vineyard you misbehave Pinot Gris, your selfish acts leave me concerned and wary. Yet trapped in the bottle you change, selfishness forgotten, generously you offer fresh spicy pear with notes of apple and long crisp finish that on a summer day take me back to when you were reckless in the vineyard.

Love it.

Nickel Brook Beers' Maple Porter with Alexandra Leggat's Animal, anyone? How about a glass of Cave Spring Cellar's Riesling while turning the pages of Emily Schultz's Heaven is Small? A pint of Flying Monkeys Craft Brewery's Hoptical Illusion with Daniel Soha's La Maison: une parable? The Good Earth Riesling while enjoying Ryad Assani-Razaki's Deux cercles?

We could go on and on...this is the most splendid pairings list and no Ontarioian should be without it this year, especially all Bookclubs! Download the PDF (805K) here and enjoy.

You may also want to check out The Globe and Mail's lovely photo gallery, "Ontario Story for Every Taste."

OMDC-TrilliumWine-BeerPairing-final.pdf804.82 KB

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