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The Marilyn Manson of Literature?

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The Manson in Question - a comparison

Me? Called the Marilyn Manson of literature? Let's break this one down! Disperse and Dispell - Or prove it to the masses!

Marilyn Manson, goth rock icon, standing up for the freaks of the world. He asks us to see the evil within ourselves, and then challenge it - fight it and break it down. He calls on our opinions of religion, fears, and the potential for evil in every person. You can also access this post at Check it out to read all the other posts about my writing career!

And me? No manufactured controversy here. My raison d'etre is the same as Manson's - and that is to expose the evil, the fear, the darkness that all humanity has, and ignores. War over religion, abuse, drug experimentation, sexual discrimination - these things all exist, and humanity does what it can to cover it all up and make excuses for it. The reason I write is because writing is air to me. But the reason I write the messages I do is because I want to see change in the world.

In my work, each book makes a statement about questionable qualities of the human condition.

The Reality Filter - an exploration of the mind's ability to reject reality
Tethered Romance - an exploration of the dangers of vanity and love
Superman Disposition - an exploration of the sense of identity

"Love everybody is destroying the value of - all hate has got me nowhere" - Manson once said in an interview, referring to this lyric, that religion teaches us that everyone is equal, we are all connected, so we should all love each other. To this he said that loving everyone equally destroys the value of love given to the people who you really care about.
"When you live with apes, man, it's hard to be clean" - referring to the God fearing lemming effect. No originality, no thoughts of your own, just discrimination for what is different from you.

Message isn't the only thing I have in common with Mr. Manson. The most obvious commonality is our gothic outlook on life and style. Tattoos, red and black hair, and gothic dress are our favorite things. In addition, we both love theatrical makeup, fake eyelashes, dark red lips, and coloured contact lenses. While Mr. Manson used to do a lot with stilts and other extensive costuming, I do a lot with demon horns, chains, and hair extensions.

You might not have known that Mr. Manson used to be a writer himself. He was a college student in journalism, and wrote for a magazine about the local music scene and lifestyles. I also had the pleasure of working for Mayday Magazine, a Hamilton-based arts and culture newspaper, where I worked as a writer, editor, and graphic designer.

This leads me to compare our writing styles. While Mr. Manson is often blunt in his lyrics, stating outright what he believes and using as many f-shots as he desires in the process, he also has a way with words like a true writer. I am the opposite, but I use the same elements. I concentrate on the way I use words, and when I want to drive a point home, the only way to go is with a smack to the senses.

example of poetic work vs blunt

“Eighteen.” I leaned forward again to rest my elbows against my knees, stretching my back in a feral way to entice him. “Over nine or ten days. They all overlapped, I wasn’t concerned with any of them. As long as they were beautiful, there was nothing else that I cared about.” I waved my hand to dismiss them, wrinkling my nose. As my eyes slid back in his direction I smiled, and I terrified myself, but I was fueled. “I forgot all about you when I was laying next to them.”

- Me

I'm not a slave to a God that doesn't exist, I'm not a slave to a world that doesn't give a shit


Prosthetic synthesis and butterfly
Sealed up with virgin stitch
If it hurts baby please tell me
Preserve the innocence

- Manson

Mr. Manson clearly mocks religion, as he is not a follower and does not fear the wrath of a non-existant God. We are of the same opinion in this category, and we both do the same thing with religion - we use it as a catalyst.

The kiss placed upon me burned away any last bit of innocence that I had, like a kiss of Judas when I was once a saviour and had been stripped of my crown. Eternal life was given to me like a curse with that kiss. I was damned with it as if it was a mark of death drawn harshly over my skin, and I truly was made to be used....I had the power to choose to who lived and who died, just like a god. I had the power of judgment, and I cast that judgment without discrimination, just like any god would. But where was my Judas now?

- Me

I went to god just to see, and I was looking at me
Saw heaven and hell were lies
When I'm god everyone dies

- Manson

So, the conclusion is that Mr. Manson and I have a lot in common, that is true. We are both just trying to contribute toward the drafting of a better society with messages that sometimes have to be so blunt they will shock and even offend. We are both gothically inclined, which only adds to the glitz and glam of our already controversial messages. But I assure you, we are both controversial in the best ways, and we will continue to deliver messages and entertainment that will forever hold attention and fascination.

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