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The Power of a Cover

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The new cover of THE REALITY FILTER

THE REALITY FILTER has a new cover! The redesign was prompted by my publisher, to give the book an eye catching boost. Do you remember the old cover?

I am the designer and maker of both covers! Let's compare the two.

A splash of colour - check! Although both covers have a huge splash of colour with yellow, magenta, and cyan, they both use the colour in very different ways. The old cover is actually quite monotone. The same colours run all the way through, so even though the initial blast of colour is very eye-catching, the eye tires of it very easily. The new cover breaks up the splashes of colour with splashes of different colours, so the eye is surprised at every third as it travels down the covers.

Image - check! Both covers have a strong image, but the difference is in what the eye can identify with. The old cover has an image of a person peeking out from behind a camera, but with the drawn effect of the image, along with the blending of colour, the actual subject can be difficult to distinguish at first. The new cover's image is simple and straight to the point - no effects, no blending of colour - just BAM an image that the eye can instantly recognize and put together.

Tagline/Subtitle - check! The power of a subtitle, let me tell you. It tells you in one sentence what the book is about, and to have a subtitle as strong as mine, it needs to be seen. The old cover had the subtitle where it is normally, just under the title, and it's small, so as not to take away the attention from the main title. In the new cover, the subtitle has the whole bottom third of the cover! By making it white, it stood out from the rest of the elements on the cover, which were all coloured, and so I was able to emphasize some word in it by making them bigger without being concerned that it was going to overpower my name.

Amazing, isn't it, when you break down the elements on a book cover to define what they each really do to sell the story.

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