Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Objects to Inspire III

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Danila's Board

"Having a bulletin board, inspiration board style, above my desk is hugely helpful to me. Sometimes when I’m in the middle of writing, I’ll read a magazine, or see an image somewhere, or read a phrase, and it excites me because it’s a concrete version of something in my head- an idea, an emotion, a character that I’m trying to express. It always feels so serendipitous, and it’s always inspiring.

I keep a lot of things on my board - encouraging words and beautiful cards from other writer friends, drawings, photos of my partner and I, poems he’s written me, posters from past readings I’ve done, including a recent one designed by Lisa de Nikolits, articles for research, two pages of Lynn Crosbie’s book, Liar, part of a Zoe Whittall’s poem from Precordial Thump, a Fiona Apple interview (I love her work) a Nan Goldin style photo of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, a Madonna quote about ambition. I move it all around with every project that I write but it really is essential for my writing process."

- Danila Botha, author of Got No Secrets, and the forthcoming novel, Too Much on the Inside

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