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Objects to Inspire IV

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Objects to Inspire IV

What these gentlemen keep (or do not keep) on their desks:

"I don't keep any objects when I write beyond a hand-written and electronic plethora of notes, in my effort to write electronically rather than in a notebook. I have memos that I conjure and capture at incredibly odd moments - watching my children at a swimming lesson, mid-way brushing my teeth - that I then elaborate at my desk in a near-windowless basement."

- Nitin Deckha, author of Shopping for Sabzi (TSAR Publications)

"Here is my Yellowness. It's been a family heirloom for many generations. When I cross the border with it, I declare it on my customs form. But like many artists, I've been selling a few of the things I don't need anymore to make ends meet. Hopefully someone will find my Yellowness useful inspiration the way that it's inspired me."

-Ray Hsu, author of Anthropy (Nightwood Editions) and Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon (Nightwood Editions)

"I have with me, at all times (even when I'm not writing) my twin fountain pens. They are on the desk when I transcribe my poems from note book to computer (I write all my poems by hand because I subscribe to a very ancient Celtic belief that words are shovelled from the mouth to the page by the nib of the pen...Seamus Heaney has a poem about this titled "Digging" and my grandfather used to lick the end of pencils before he started writing). The twin pens are Conklin Crescent Fillers, one black with a silver band and the other black with a gold band. They are identical to the one used by Mark Twain and both bear Twain's signature because he endorsed them in 1894. My desk is almost anywhere because I also carry a traditional notebook in my pocket, and all my jackets are fitted so that the pockets will take the notebook. I think of the pen as a kind of wand (a la Harry Potter). A good idea comes along and ZAP! I've got magic."

- Bruce Meyer, author of 31 books, most recently A Book of Bread (Exile Editions)

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Sheniz Janmohamed

Sheniz Janmohamed is a spoken word artist, author and graduate of the MFA in Creative Writing program at the University of Guelph. Her first book, Bleeding Light (TSAR) a collection of sufi-inspired English ghazals, was published in 2010.

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