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Travel Necessities for Writers

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Travel Necessities for Writers:

1. Laptop & charger

2. Pen & Notebooks. In case your laptop runs of out of battery and you forget your charger, or it freezes, or you're too lazy to lug it around the city/town/country you're visiting.

3. Books. It's so tempting to take the five books you're currently reading, but let's face it- you probably won't read them when you're visiting ancient ruins and walking around Paris.
One or two will suffice.

4. Snacks. Sometimes we forget to eat unless there's food right in front of us. Especially if we have no idea where we are and where to get food that isn't going to put a dent in our wallets or have us throwing up for the rest of the trip (ever heard of Delhi Belly?). Moderation is in full effect here, we don't need an entire suitcase filled with potato chip bags.

5. Empty Space. For literary purchases, naturally.

6. A list of literary landmarks in the city/town/country you're visiting. It's always inspiring to see where other writers penned their novels, drank their tea & quarrelled with their lovers. (see Toronto: A Literary Guide by Greg Gatenby to find out if your favourite place to write was frequented by your favourite authors).

7. Your books. For those moments when you're sitting in a foreign cafe having a conversation with a stranger who is fascinated by the fact that you're a writer & wants to purchase your book. Better have a book with you.

8. Business Cards. In case a publisher miraculously finds you wandering the streets of Berlin and wants to translate your book into German. A gum wrapper with your phone number, name and email address scrawled in pencil will not suffice.

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