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To-Do List: Fall 2012 Edition

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To-Do List: Fall 2012 Edition

Fall is by far my favourite season.

The cold breezes. That Octobery smell of dead leaves, pumpkin spice, and roasted coffee. The savoury abundance of Thanksgiving and the saccharine gluttony of Halloween. The book parties and awards. The comfort and fashion of long sleeves and light jackets. The final blip of nice weather before the Ice Age of yet another Canadian winter. The excitement of baseball's World Series, and the anticipation of a new hockey season -- wait, scratch that last one.

For me, fall is a season of renewal: my own personal new year. It's when I decide to buckle down and get my affairs in order. While all the vegetation is dying and animals are preparing to hibernate, I find myself brimming with optimism and enthusiasm -- which is a big deal, because I'm normally quite grumpy. As a result, I've decided to do something uncharacteristic of me, and share my fall to-do list on the Internet.

To Do: (in no particular order)

- Go to the launch party for Richard Crouse's Raising Hell: Ken Russell and the Unmaking of The Devils on Monday October 1st at No One Writes to the Colonel.

- Improve my public speaking skills.

- Read J.K. Rowling's The Casual Vacancy before I read any of the reviews.

- Find a costume for my box salon reading at The Rivoli on Halloween night.

- Learn to cook proper food.

- Gain ten pounds.

- Read Zoo Time by Howard Jacobson.

- Contact Joshua Jackson (of Dawson's Creek fame), and ask if he'd be interested in playing Brandon if Poison Shy ever makes it to the screen.

- Do a radio interview.

- Reorganize my bookshelf.

- Read Sweet Jesus by Christine Pountney.

- Get a teaching job.

- Get new glasses.

- Drink less coffee.

- Read 1982 by Jian Ghomeshi.

- Decorate my apartment with gourds. Just because.

- Finish the novel I'm working on.

- Start another one.

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Stacey Madden

Stacey Madden holds a BA from the University of Toronto and an MFA in creative writing from the University of Guelph. He lives in Toronto. Poison Shy (ECW Press) is his first novel.

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