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Comics nerds are crying foul over DC Comics' recent revamping (*ahem!*) of the Teen Titan Starfire. Apparently there have been a number of different iterations of Starfire, as well as various other characters so named in the DC "universe". What everyone seems to be in an uproar about, though, is the fact that Starfire was once a kid-friendly, girl-positive role model from a TV cartoon, who has now, say the nerds, been turned into a dirty, dirty, whorishly dirty tramp (or words to that effect). I don't pretend to know much about Starfire fandom, but I will admit, it does seem something of a radical transformation. You be the judge: before & after.

Isengard Lego
The fact that the battle of Isengard takes place "off screen" and we must learn its details from a stupid little Hobbit is one of my big complaints about the grossly overrated Lord Of the Rings books (yes, I have others, sad as that may be). It's the centrepiece of book two, after all. So, that's why I was so delighted to be able to witness The Battle of Isengard constructed in Lego (22,000 pieces, to be precise).

And staying geek mode, here's a groovy flow chart from SF Signal (based on the NPR top-100 SFF Books list, as chosen by readers) to help you decide on your next SFF reading experience.

Written in germs
I am going to write my next novel in bacteria.

Finding e-books
Do they have an e-reader for bacteria? Here's a groovy pie chart on how people choose e-books.

I don't watch The Simpsons. They tell me it's funny.
Lisa Simpson, bookworm.

Crafty Circumstances
Check out the October edition of Fiction Craft over at Open Book Ontario, in which authors tell us under what circumstances they do their best work, with Tristan Hughes, Dany Laferrière, Anita Rau Badami, Evan Munday, Allison Baggio, Stuart Clark, Gayla Reid, David Penhale, Stan Rogal, Daniel Kalla and Laura Boudreau.

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