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The shapes of stories
The Guardian shares a video of the late, great Kurt Vonnegut delivering a humorous talk about graphing plot lines.

The final interview: le Carré
John le Carré told CBS TV recently that the interview they were about to conduct with him was the last he was ever going to give. Why? He's sick of all the self promotion he's forced to do, naturally. And what does CBS do with this apparently valuable document? They chop it up with so much b-roll crap that it is almost impossible to follow. Anyway, here it is.

Sign o’ the times
Poor JK Rowling has fallen off the Forbes billionaire list.

Ever wonder what Shakespeare's plays sounded like back when the Bard was alive?
No, me neither. Nonetheless, many others have, apparently, so The British Library has produced a recording of what they believe to be the accurate pronunciations from the Elizabethan era. You can hear three clips at The Telegraph.

Books falling over
Not to take anything away from these folks, but this apparent record for book dominoes seems kinda small potatoes.

This is news?
When you read fiction, your brain changes, says NYTs.

Fun times in Seattle
Enjoy the Bushwick Book Club, who sing about the books they read rather than talk about them.

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