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Is or isn’t Bret Easton Ellis writing a new novel? Flavorwire dissects his twitter feed for clues.

Let them eat...30 Gorgeous and Delicious Literary Cakes

Rath has published a long infographicy thing on Philip Roth, the result of polling a bunch of other writers about his career. Yeah, I know...boring as frack. But just scroll right to the bottom for some good laughs from the troll gallery.

  • chris.roberts.52438 says...Philip Roth is a mentally itinerant peddler of pseudo-literature who doesn't have a literary bone in his elongated body.

  • willyburgeater says...At the end of the day there is something masturbatory about Roth in that when you are reading him it feels awesome because his voice is so purely him but then when it's over it seems sad and somehow unfinished.

  • vicomtepicabia says...Several years ago I had a dream that Roth was dead. I woke up believing it was true. I believed he was dead for several months--not that I thought about it all the time, or ever, but it was one of the facts that were in the back of my brain. Then, reminded of him for some reason, I looked him up on Wikipedia and saw there was no death date. Surprised and confused, I searched for his obituary on Google--nothing. Reluctantly, I was compelled to admit he was probably still alive.

Sound advice on writing fiction from one of the greats.

Enjoy Hemingway’s famous six-toed cats. (btw, BBC, cats don’t have fingers)

Len Deighton’s 1970 Bomber, was the first novel written on a word processor, explains Slate.

After having worked in bookstores for some 12 years, here is my definition of hell: Inviting the book-buying public into your home, as a couple in Japan has done.


SHAUN SMITH is a novelist and award-winning journalist in Toronto, Canada. His young-adult novel Snakes & Ladders was published in 2009 by the Dundurn Group. His book Magical Narcissism: Selected Writings on Books, Writers, Food, and Chefs is available on Kindle and is forthcoming in paperback from Tightrope Books in spring 2013.

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Shaun Smith

Shaun Smith is a novelist and journalist living in Toronto. His young adult novel Snakes & Ladders was published in January 2009 by the Dundurn Group.

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