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The carp played a harp

The estate of Shel Silverstein has released a new collection of the late author's children's songs. Called Shel Silverstein's Underwater Land, it comes with a book of illustrations by Silverstein. It is full of his trademark silliness and absurdity. Little ones will love it; you'll go nuts after the first 40 listenings.

Rouge states

The kids can also have some fun with the new spoof on Sarah Palin's autobio Going Rogue, called Going Rouge: The Sarah Palin Rogue Coloring and Activity Book. They can even put lipstick on a pig.


Tom Wright in The Times has a fascinating piece about a book that examines C.S. Lewis' works from a new perspective. Apparently Michael Ward's new book Planet Narnia explains how Lewis "secretly constructed the Chronicles of Narnia out of the imagery associated with the seven heavens of the medieval cosmos." Yeah, I know, sounds pretty Dan-Brown-wacky, but as Wright explains, not only is it apparently true, but Ward has also struck upon a seemingly new literary concept in his analysis, which he calls “donegality”.

Crumby God

Robert Crumb has illustrated the Book of Genesis. Is it just me, or does his God look a lot like his Mr Natural, only in sandals?

Get reading kids

The website reports that 1.6 million books digitized by the Internet Archive, a San Francisco-based non-profit, are to be made available free to children using XO laptops, which are built by the One Laptop Per Child Foundation (OLPC) which has as its goal — get this — to distribute a web-connected laptop computer to every child in the world. Oh man, these people make me feel lazy!

Red Book

A rare Carl Jung illustrated notebook, called the Red Book, is on display at the Rubin Museum in NYC. Meanwhile The Guardian has a gallery of images from Jung's book which it calls "a grand, illuminated volume which he created between 1914 and 1930, in which he developed the nucleus of his later theories."

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