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Amazing paper engineering video #1
Absolutely lovely, lovely, lovely video from the New Zealand Book Council.

Amazing paper engineering video #2
The LA Times book blog informs us that the granddaddy of pop-up books, Waldo "Wally" Hunt, has died. I'm not sure if the video on the blog post is of a book by "Wally", but it is nonetheless worth checking out. Tremendous fun.

Amazing paper engineering video #3
The Wall Street Journal interviews pop-up book creator Robert Sabuda. Check out the lion from Narnia!

Freaks! informs about a photo posted to Sarah Palin's facebook page which shows a woman getting a book signed by Palin who looks exactly like her. Body snatcher clone gone wrong, for sure. But which is the REAL Sarah Palin? It's kind of creepy to think someone who is not part of SNL would intentionally make themselves look like Sarah Palin. (As an aside, I found it funny that the Examiner guy criticized the poor grammar of the Facebook page while making a few glaring grammatical gaffes himself. I pointed them out in the comments thread of the Examiner post.)

The Village Voice has a funny comic-book version of Palin's new autobio.

Roundedup roundups
The New York Times names its top books for 2009, as does The Globe, and The Financial Times, and the TLS, and the Huffington Post, and the Toronto Public Library (best 10 books for kids newborn to 5 yrs), and NPR (best 10 cookbooks), and Publishers Weekly.

Yikes! R.I.P. Borders UK
Yeah, Borders UK announced late Friday that they're closing their 45 stores. (And meanwhile, their US branch is also suffering.)

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